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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Today's the day of my birthday party!

This is "Uncle" Jeff. He's one of daddy's best friends and he likes to help out! He was a BIG HELP with my birthday party!

This is "Uncle" Kevin and "Aunt" Kim! They're getting married on August 8th!

Here's a cute baby! Mommy probably knows who she is...

Another cute baby!

And another! This is my friend, Kayla. She's Paul and Mary's daughter!

That's "Aunt" Mary standing with mommy!

and again...!

20 minutes into my party... that sure was exhausting!

Another baby!

And another!

Remember this baby?

Alex! My "Uncle" Garess and "Aunt" Noriko's second boy. He's a real cutie! (That's daddy and Cosmo behind them)

The women on my daddy's side of the family. Left to right that's Grandma Bonnie and Aunt Nicky, Mommy, Great-aunt Laura, Nana Pat, and Great-cousin Moriah!

Another picture... plus Aunt Meghaan!

"Aunt" Axia and "Uncle" Chris! My great-grandpa Marty is standing in the background, too!

"Aunt" Axia, Mommy, and "Aunt" Kim!


"Aunt" Noriko joins in to say, "cheese!"

Well, I'm up now. That was quite a nap.

You know me! I gotta walk!

Grandma Melody, Mommy, (Me!), Grandpa Melvin, and Aunt Meghaan!
Now let me go walk!

Mommy's friend...

Hey there... so what do you think of my party so far?

Follow me. I know this park like the back of my hand!

Sooo... do you like Boohbah?

Grandma Bonnie's always so full of energy!!!

What's going on? Is it time for strained carrots and steamed peas?

What is that big thing with my name written on it? And why is it on fire?!

So, umm... I'm supposed to EAT this thing?

Oooh! Squishy!

It's gonna take me a while to eat this whole thing... you guys sure you wanna stand around and watch?

It is good!

So, I'm supposed to share this thing?

Okay, I think I've had my fill...


Goodbye, "cake"!

I think I need a wet wipe...

Moriah and Nana Pat

Ten minutes and one high-pressure hose later...

No, no... daddy gave me a quick bath and changed me. :P

Hey! Look what I found!

It's some kind of flower...

Well, let's clean up. That was a lot of fun everyone! Thanks for coming to my party!

My great-aunt Kathy made me this warm pink afghan!

And I got books and a lot of these big blue fuzzy dice from Nana Pat!

Mmm! This afghan is warm and cozy!

I think this is a giraffe... I got it from Grandpa Dennis and Grandma Bonnie...

Yep.... it's a weird giraffe!

What's next?

The cow says, "meeeooow!"

Hello Kitty slippers that came with a cute set of puppy pajamas!

Bath toys! Squishy frog!

I'm not sure why the French eat these things...


Wow, these slippers are big!

Don't get up, Uncle Nathaniel... I've got these presents under control.

A Care Bear! A singing alphabet caterpillar, cell phone, and so many cute clothes! Thanks, everybody!