Kaylee Bear's Diary

Kaylee's Log of Cute and Cool Stuff

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Hi there... I'm taking my nightly bath!

Oh, crud! Did I leave my purse in the car?

Is that the kitty down the hall?

Wide-eyed, aren't I?

Inspecting the tub wall...

Eh, aren't you worried about that camera getting wet, daddy?

Have you seen my green bowl anywhere?

Private Kaylee, reporting for duty!


This one's for the hot water...

Someone's making their daily rounds to check out that large body of water again...

Well, hello there, KITTY!

Hey! You're blocking my shot!

Look what I found!


Mmmm.... sushi!

I like dropping my toys OUT of the tub to test gravity...

Fish out of water!

I... can... almost... reach the floor...

Hey! Where'd it go?

Did I mention that bathtime's my favorite time of day?


Which one of these knobs turns on the showerhead again?

I love this fishy!

You want me to make funny faces, don't you!

How's this one?

Do you mind? A little privacy, please!