Kaylee Bear's Diary

Kaylee's Log of Cute and Cool Stuff

Saturday, March 26, 2005

It's Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005 and I'm all dressed up as a bear for my first trip to the San Diego Zoo!

Hmm... there's a lot of people on this bus.

So um... what's going on here?

Okay, daddy's closer to the side of the bus... let me sit on his lap!

Hold on tight, daddy! This bus is bumpy!

Grandpa can't resist making silly faces at me.

Hey! I can see my house from here! Oh wait, this is my house...

Wow, he has good balance... like Jet Li!


Well, that's what I shouted when I saw this... BIG... "kitty"...

This is when I pointed and shouted, "Kitty!"


Feeding time for the giraffes! Wow, they're tall...

...another picture of the giraffes...

...and more giraffes

Big ol' piggy!

What a pretty kitty!

Wow, that bear's bigger than the one in my crib!

Lookie! The rhino woke up!

Hey there, elephant!

She looks like she's laughing!

What a cute, giant monster!

Hey, elephant! I'm over here!

She sure knows how to get her treats out of the toy...

That elephant is keeping in shape!

From far away, I see a koala!

Mommy keeps warm on a chilly San Diego day with her V neck sweater and a smile.

Okay, now wheel me to the koalas...

Look! A baby koala!

He's taking baby steps like me!

Tree kangaroos are pretty shy.

These guys are fast... hard to get pictures of!

He must have eaten something yummy!

Hey, he held still for half a second and daddy got a picture!

I'm an 18.5 lb bag of sugar!

Grandpa's lips make a funny noise when he does that with his finger.

Move your finger. I wanna try!

Aunt Christine and Aunt Nicki wait for their turn to cuddle with me. I do belong in the zoo!

You got a little something in your moustache, grandpa... it's my fingers!

I gave grandpa a big kiss! *MWAH*

Are you sure you won't let me eat your hat?

You have funny facial hair like daddy's...

Stop taking pictures of me and get some of the pandas, daddy!

Are you STILL taking pictures of me?

Grandpa Dennis' arms never get tired!

If I just play it coy, maybe I can steal his hat and eat it again...

Oh, hey there, daddy!

Gosh, this line is long...

I'm a happy baby!

Yep... that panda's just changing his napping position.

That's how I sleep, too!

My aunt, Christine... she pokes my tummy a lot.

That's one cute panda bear!

There's no place I'd rather sleep than on a grandpa's shoulder...

Why am I dreaming of a bamboo pillow?

Oh, that's because it IS bamboo I'm sleeping on!

This is the gorilla I saw!

Wow, that gorilla's big like my grandpa! Hairy like him, too!

These gorillas are facing away from me... I'm bored now... Let's go see that tiger you mentioned earlier.

This tiger you spoke of... now HE looks like a kitty!

Daddy lifts me up high so I can see more cute animals!

Just like my kitty at home!