Kaylee Bear's Diary

Kaylee's Log of Cute and Cool Stuff

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Sunny mornings are the best!

It looks warm out today, daddy. Let's go!

How about that! The neighbor boy didn't steal my toy!

Whose bright idea was it to put WHEELS on this thing?

Ummm... a little help?

Well, I got back up on my feet... no thanks to YOU, daddy.

What do I need this push-thingy for?

Be honest... horizontal stripes... they make me look chubby, don't they?

I can't do a THING with my hair!

You take too many pictures. Give me that camera!

Get up off the ground, daddy! I didn't hit you that hard...

...9...10! TKO!

Smackin' my lips in victory!


I'm leaving this here... If that neighbor boy tries to take it again, I'll be watching from behind this tree!

Skulking in the shadows... waiting to pounce!

Lurking around the tree like a ninjababy!

Look, tree! No hands!

Practicing my Kenpo! "Hyaaa!"